Sunday, April 14, 2013

Adorable T-shirt finds!

How cute are these shirts?! I found them from a website called and I LOVE them to pieces. You can find tons of other shirts on the site but I think my personal favorite is the "Cat Lagerfeld"  one because cats and fashion are always a winning combination. I'm hoping to pick one up eventually. 

Style inspirations!

I'm inspired by so much whether it's a picture I saw on tumblr, an article I read in a magazine or a person on the street. A lot of my inspiration comes from a few famous gals. 

Miley Cyrus- OK, to be perfectly, perfectly honest I never really noticed her style until she cut and bleached her hair. But ever since then I have LOVED everything she wears. I mean, come on look at that black fuzzy sweater.

Hayley Williams- Either I'm the biggest poser ever, or I base my opinions on haircuts too often but ever since she's been rocking those sweet, short bangs, I've just really digged her style.

 Suki Waterhouse- This little pink short suit made me instantly fall in love with her. Easily one of my favorite outfits ever.

 Tavi Gevinson- Cutest thing ever, amazing style, talented and inspiring. Nuf' said.

 Lana Del Rey- The Queen. Icon.

Lily Collins- Brow power.