Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses? - WHATEVER

So I really just can't see anything so usually I  wear contacts. Well now after 5 years my eye doctor tells me I shouldn't wear contacts all the time. That would be fine except my only glasses are  a mangled pile of black Dolce & Gabbana plastic. So I've some searching and found a few  really cute pairs that I would like/recommend. If you know of any other  cool ones tell me. BTW in the US you can find these all at LensCrafters.

Corset from Dolce & Gabbana- Vintage inspired and kinda fierce

Baroque from Prada- High fashion and swirly and super cute

Miu Miu is one of my favorite brands and this pair is so perfectly quirky and fun

My all time favorite?  This Dolce & Gabbana pair is really weird but also super precious

Also by Miu Miu these are so so so cool! The vintage shape is so good with the pink color

Sooo what do you guys think? Any favorites? Or are they all disgusting?

So I'm BACK!

When I first started this blog I didn't realize how difficult it would be for me. Running a blog is quite hard with no camera because I would love to do hauls and ootds and reviews but I feel like my iphone 4's camera won't do anything justice. But I've decided to do it anyway because I want to! So starting this week I will do  hauls and ootds and reviews and also just regular posts! If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me.